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Case Study

A promising tech start-up specializing in software solutions for small businesses sought Globe Counsel's expertise to address their legal needs. Facing issues with unclear contracts, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and risk management, the start-up needed solid legal foundations to protect and grow their business.


  1. Unclear Contract Terms: Initial contracts were vague, leading to misunderstandings with clients and partners.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex US regulatory environment was daunting, and full compliance was essential to avoid legal issues.

  3. Intellectual Property Protection: Protecting their software solutions was crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

  4. Risk Management: A proactive approach was needed to identify and mitigate potential legal risks.

Solutions Provided by Globe Counsel:

  1. Legal Consultation: Strategic advice on business matters, helping the founder make informed decisions.

  2. Drafting Documents, Contracts, and Policies: Precise contracts, including software licensing agreements, SLAs, vendor contracts, and partnership agreements, were created. Well-structured documents such as bylaws, NDAs, and an employee handbook ensured comprehensive protection.

  3. Contract Reviewing & Compliance: Existing contracts were reviewed, ambiguities resolved, and compliance with local and international laws was managed to avoid legal pitfalls.


Globe Counsel's support transformed the start-up's legal framework, reducing risks and enhancing efficiency. Clear contracts eliminated misunderstandings, securing stronger client and partner relationships. A notable incident involved resolving a potential dispute with a major client over a software delivery deadline, thanks to the well-drafted contract by Globe Counsel, maintaining a positive business relationship

Client Testimonial:

Working with Globe Counsel was one of the best decisions we made for our startup. They didn't just provide legal services; they became a trusted partner who genuinely cared about our business.

group of people using laptop computer
group of people using laptop computer

Being a founder is hard enough—let Globe Counsel handle your legal so you can focus on what truly matters.

Welcome to Globe Counsel's Portfolio

Inside, you'll find a collection of contracts we've created for our clients, demonstrating our work and expertise. Each contract is a proof of our ability to provide precise and effective legal solutions. Take a look to see how we help our clients by turning complex legal needs into clear and practical agreements.

white printer paper close-up photography
white printer paper close-up photography
Start-up Contracts

Our startup contracts portfolio showcases essential agreements tailored for new businesses & designed to protect and support the growth of emerging companies.

person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper
person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper
Standard Commercial Contracts

Our standard commercial contracts portfolio features a range of essential business agreements crafted to ensure smooth and secure commercial transactions.

Media & Technology Contracts
Legal Documents
Employement Documents

Every business is different- Book a call today to get your customised offer. 

man in black t-shirt holding video camera
man in black t-shirt holding video camera
woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documents
woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documents
person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer

Our media & technology contracts portfolio highlights agreements specific to the digital and tech industries tailored to address the unique needs of this sectors.

Our legal documents portfolio contains a variety of essential legal papers drafted to meet rigorous legal standards and protect our clients' interests.

Our employment documents portfolio includes key agreements for employer-employee relationships designed to ensure clear and fair workplace practices.