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We aim to be the Legal extension to your business that reviews-drafts and simplifies contracts & documents.

"With us, businesses enjoy all the legal help without hiring and worrying about billable hours of an in-house lawyer."
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Why, Globe Counsel?

No BS, Just Contracts

We believe in cutting through the legal jargon and removing unnecessary complexities from contracts. We promise clear & concise contracts that are free from 'BS' and easy for everyone to understand.

Skyrocket your growth

Making uninformed decisions could harm your business growth. Minimise risks & avoid costly legal disputes down the line because of our proactive approach in identifying potential legal pitfalls early on and implementing preventive measures.

Under Promise; Over Deliver

Our approach is rooted in setting realistic expectations with our clients and then exceeding them. At Globe Counsel, we prioritise our clients' needs and goals. We strive to make documents that build relationships, trust, transparency.

Be Legally Confident

Stress and uncertainty of not having a dedicated legal expert on your team can leave your startup vulnerable to risks and uncertainties, hindering its growth potential. Globe Counsel offers a wide range of legal services tailored to startups' diverse needs.

Don’t Believe us? Hear it from our clients

"If cash is bloodline of business, then Contracts are veins in which blood flows"