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Sana Virani, Founder

Legal Expertise Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit

Meet Sana, the driving force behind Globe Counsel. With four years of specialised experience in contracts, Sana's journey into the legal field began unexpectedly when she reviewed contracts for a Dubai-based PR firm.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Sana brings a unique zeal and understanding to her practice. She diligently hones her skills, serving a diverse clientele across the globe. Her expertise spans various aspects of contract law, ensuring that each client receives tailored, precise, and effective legal solutions. Beyond her technical prowess, Sana personally manages all client communications, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for every client.

Globe Counsel is a perfect intersection of law and business, a blend that Sana finds incredibly fulfilling. This fusion allows her to approach legal challenges with a business-minded perspective, providing clients with practical and strategic solutions. Her dedication, combined with her ability to bridge the gap between legal and business needs, makes her role not just a job, but a true passion.

Sana has been honored as a top voice in contract management, recognizing her exceptional contributions of insightful content on contracts. Her expertise and valuable perspectives have distinguished her as a leading authority in the field.

Sana co-authored "Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data," published by Globe Law and Business and launched at Harvard Law School. Bar & Bench, a leading legal news platform in India, also featured Sana for her remarkable contributions.


Hear what clients about their experiences with Sana.

Sana is a true expert in her field. Her ability to simplify complex legal concepts and provide practical solutions has made a huge difference for our team. We are incredibly grateful for her support.

It was a genuine pleasure working together with Sana. She possesses a winning combination of solid writing skills and a good business sense. Experiencing her fast and sharp mind during work is truly impressive.

Sana's cooperative and professional approach and her calm demeanor made us feel welcome and comfortable. I'm glad to have encountered Sana and worked with them and if it wouldn't have been possible without her.

Sana has a natural ability to make others feel at ease and create a positive work environment. Her energy and enthusiasm made even the most challenging tasks like fun adventure.